Lockdown Quiz

My family and I have jumped on the bandwagon of a quiz over Zoom during the lockdown. I put together a quiz using PowerPoint and shared the screen on Zoom. It went down really well so I used it again with a group of friends.

The quiz has 6 rounds – the first are logos which you can have on the screen if people are joining late. For the next 4 rounds I’ve taken inspiration from Richard Osman’s House of Games so they’re a bit more interesting than a simple question and answer. The last round is a wipeout round which only works if you have a handful of people/teams. We had each screen as a team, i.e. either a couple or an individual and it worked well with 5 or 6 teams. You can still play through the first 5 rounds on your own if you like. The score is out of a possible 50 points for the first 5 rounds with a potential 6 in the final round. Each team just needs a pen and paper and the answers are included in each round.

Use any of the links below to download the quiz. There are a couple of different versions – the manual one is a standard PowerPoint with no slide transitions and the autoplay one advances on a timer after the first slide. It runs for approximately 38 minutes designed for the free 40 minute Zoom meetings. It’s at quite a relaxed pace with around 30 seconds for each question. There is also a PDF version if you prefer or if you don’t have PowerPoint – this is also a smaller file to download.


Lockdown Quiz – Manual
Lockdown Quiz – Autoplay
Lockdown Quiz – PDF
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