DIY Hot Tub

A friend of mine has taken on the challenge of building a DIY hot tub and asked for my help. My job was to build the surrounding structure out of recycled wooden pallets and also create some steps for access to the hot tub which doubles as housing for the water pump.

We chose to use 6 pallets for the surround as a hexagon shape was the most appealing and made the maths easy for the angles. Given the number of cuts and the thickness of the wood, I chose to use a circular saw instead of a hand saw, which meant I had to rig up a bit of a jig to cut the tight angles. This was definitely worth the extra effort to save time on the sawing. It didn’t leave quite as neat a cut as I could’ve done with the hand saw but we didn’t mind the rough look as it suits the natural feel of the pallets.

I designed the steps specifically to fit the water pump and filter so they can be secured when the hot tub is in use. The pump can easily be detached from the hot tub and the whole steps unit can be removed and stored inside when needed. Check out the pictures and video below taken during the process.