I was born in Sussex, grew up in Hampshire and now live in Berkshire. So I’ve seen it all!

I met my wife Emma in 2017, we married in 2019 and our boys Hugo and Jude arrived in 2021 and 2023.

As you can imagine, most of my free time is spent with family and friends. When I do manage to find some time for hobbies, you’ll finding me out for a run or designing and making things. I’m a big fan of music, especially going to see live gigs – I’ve seen Bruce Springsteen 9 times. I’m also into sport, particularly football. I support Sheffield United (my Dad’s from Sheffield, before you ask). We are also active members of Bridge Church Newbury, a local Christian church.

I originally set up back in 2010, selfishly because I didn’t want anyone else to have the domain. I initially used it to display my canvas paintings, which you can still find in the Artwork section. Feel free to have a browse of my Blog and see what else I’ve been up to more recently.


One of my hobbies is painting portraits on canvas in a sort of pop art style. I haven’t done any in a long time but it was the first content I published on my website so it’s only fair they still get pride of place here. I generally painted iconic celebrities but I also took some commissions using personal photos, which would often be given as wedding gifts.

Browse the gallery to view examples of some of my previous work.

Jimi Hendrix


My main website project is Fantasy Five UK, a fantasy football game based on amateur clubs’ own players and results. I first ran an offline version at Fleet Hawks, the club I played for growing up, and then created an online version while playing for Beacon Church Camberley FC. Even though my playing days are now behind me, the Beacon Fantasy Five league is still going strong. It’s now expanded with several other clubs signing up.

Over the years, I have also helped a few friends and small businesses set up their own professional website. I use Krystal Hosting – if you’re setting up your own site, use discount code LUKEMAIN for £10 off.