DIY Pallet Wall Unit

I’ve upcycled a pallet into a wall unit with shelves and coat hooks. I originally picked out 2 pallets from my stash – one large one that was a good size for the wall space, and a smaller one to use for the shelves. I started by taking the larger pallet apart, keeping the top in tact and removing the other slats from the base. Once this was apart I realised I could use the spare slats to form the shelves so all the wood would match and I didn’t need the smaller pallet.

I wanted to trial a bit of whitewashing the wood as I hadn’t done it before and I thought it would go well in the room. I used one coat of some spare emulsion paint I had lying around and then lightly sanded it. I’m happy with the finish, although next time I might experiment with watering down the paint or sanding it a bit more to let the wood grain show through even more.

I used some S shaped hooks that fit snugly to the pallet wood. This works really well as the slats are raised slightly away from the wall and the hooks are firmly enough in place but they can be moved around without any need for unscrewing. See the pictures below for the process and finished article.