DIY Pallet Workbench

As you can probably tell from my previous posts, I’ve been getting into upcycling wooden pallets. I’ve generally picked up the odd pallet from neighbours where I’ve happened to see them, but I thought I’d start proactively looking for some more to boost my stock levels. I took a quick trip to an industrial park close to my house and I think it’s fair to say I’ve hit the mother lode! There were several business there with so many pallets piled up waiting to be taken to the tip that they were actually grateful of me to take some off their hands. I could even pick and choose the ones that would be best suited for my DIY creations. The first picture below was my haul from 3 car runs and it wasn’t even half of what was on offer. It’s fair to say I’ll be visiting the industrial park again if and when I even get through my stash.

The first project I’m planning with my new pallets is a wall unit with some shelves and coat hooks. However, seeing as I’ve got an abundance of pallets now, I started piling a few of them up to create a makeshift workbench. Then I decided I could actually build something more permanent given how much more potential DIY I’ve now got for myself. I wanted something that I could store away relatively easily so I experimented with a few different configurations and landed on a very sturdy pallet for the back of the table and another for the top, which was so robust it didn’t need attaching to the base. This meant I could attach the front legs to the back base with a strut that folds up and clips in place. I didn’t use any hinges, the joints that need to pivot are just attached with a single partially-threaded screw tightened just enough that they still move. I then adjusted one of the other pallets to slot into the top so I had options with the positions of the slats and the gaps which are useful when sawing.

Check out the pictures below for how it looks and I’m back onto my original project of the wall unit…