Downstairs Toilet Redecoration

Here are some photos from my latest redecoration project in our downstairs toilet. I took the inspiration of the theme from a set of watercolour paintings of the city of Bath, which have copper/rose gold style frames. I decided to keep the fixed decor in a very neutral colour scheme of white and grey using spare paint I had left over from a previous project. Then I used the accessories such as the mirror and light pull cord to tie in the colour of the picture frames.

I also crafted a small in-built storage cupboard for toilet roll and cleaning products using an MDF frame. I covered this with a panelled MDF sheet and topped with a removable board to access the storage. This cupboard has the added bonus of hiding the unsightly pipes.

I decided against the fuss of tiling the wall and opted for some self-adhesive sheets which are much simpler to install and create a surprisingly good effect for a relatively low cost. They come in 30cm square sheets and I only needed 5 sheets to cover the space.

I finished off the wall decoration with a small pine moulding to create a crisp border between the white and grey sections. I then repurposed part of an old desk I had, cutting it down to form 2 shelves.