From the Archives: Excel Games

Way back at the start of my career 15 years or so ago, I began my journey with programming and design in Microsoft Excel. I created a few simple games to teach myself how to write macros. I stumbled across them recently on an old hard drive so here they are still functional today. I was tempted to update the styling of them but I thought I’d preserve them exactly as I created them so please don’t judge – they were intended with a bit of a retro vibe anyway, honest!

Feel free to give any of the games a try by clicking on the images below to download the Excel file. They vary in difficulty so there should be something for most aged kids (and grown ups) to enjoy. I’ll be sure to introduce my boys to them when they’re a little older.

Once it’s downloaded, you’ll need to right click on the file in the Downloads folder, click Properties and tick the box for ‘Unblock’. Then when you open the file, you’ll need to click on ‘Enable Content’ when prompted. Otherwise the macros won’t work.