Upcycled Teacher’s Whisky Box

I’ve had an old whisky box in the garage for years. It was given to me after my grandpa died so I guess technically it’s a family heirloom but I don’t have any sentimental connection to it other than it belonged to him. So hopefully he wouldn’t mind me taking it apart. I figured it’s better to make some use out of it rather than preserve it and keep it hidden away. It’s not ideal as a decorative box because the images are hidden on the inside so I thought it would work well as a small shelf, especially for drinks given its original purpose. I simply removed the two parts of the lid and replaced the smaller part on the other side to make it the front of the shelf. I reused all the screws and nails so it was a completely free project and took less than half an hour. I’ve even kept the other piece from the lid to potentially use in another project.