Upcycled Wooden Planters

My latest DIY project is a set of 3 matching wooden planters upcycled from an old bed frame. My neighbour was getting rid of an old Ikea Kura bed frame and asked me if I wanted to do anything with it. I thought the chamfered edges of the bed slats would suit the look of garden planters so I used them to form the outside in an interlocking design. I then used some of the timber from the bed frame to complete the structure on the inside and also act as legs to lift the planters off the ground.

I completed the boxes with some left over pallet wood to form the base, then sanded and treated it all. The last step was stapling some lining on to hold the soil. For scale, the square planter is 30cm wide and 26cm high so holds about 12 litres of soil. The 2 long planters are 30cm x 58cm and hold about 25 litres each. See below for some before, during and after photos. Overall I’m happy with the finished product especially as the wood is all completely upcycled and saved from the tip.